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stronger maryland. >> reporter: one day after north roll grumman decided to choose virginia over maryland for its headquarters, some say he didn't doing enough. senator barbara mikulski says maryland has fared much better during the recession. >> i think he is going to win because he has shown he can govern during tough times. >> reporter: a recent poll found o'malley leading ehrlich 47% to 44%. that falls in the margin of error. now, granted,ing into ther one of these candidates is going to have too much a problem with name recognition. current governor says it is far too early to place too much importance on polling. >> those things go up and down and i'll let the pundits and radio disc jockeys comment about that sort of process stuff. >> reporter: o'malley is leerily hoping for more up than down looking to avoid the fate of his opponent who lost his first bid for re-election. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 morning news. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning as we get a live look at our nation's capital under a beautiful moon. but temperatures really pretty nippy for this time of year
of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> more breaking news on the deadlmine explosion in west virginia. emergency crews have suspended the search now because the oxygen levels are too low. they are still trying to reach at least four missing miners but they admit the chance for survival is slim. it is the worst mining disafter ther in more than two decades. >> it is happening in raleigh county, west virginia. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: ambulances surround the massey energy company's upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia. about 0 miles south of charleston. dozens were working in the coal mine athe time. explosion. search crews are combing the mine looking for survivors. >> we are hoping they possibly made it to one of the refuge chambers that are in place on the working section. >> reporter: people are now holding onto hope that those missing are still alive. >> it is a rescue operation. it is definitely not a recovery operation. refuge chambers have the ability to have 9 # hours of oxygen in them. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: as crews work into
12 months for metro. now the governors of maryland and gentleman virginia are teaming up with the mayor of d.c. to personally get metro back on track. >> reporter: the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent muscle of an hour discussing metro safety issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the government appoints the local board members and alternates. in d.c. the mayor appoints half. the city council appoints half. in virginia the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time for the governors and the mayor be a little more hands on and we'll be working through either legislative and statutory changes or using the bully pulpit more. >> reporter: they also want in person periodic meetings with metro's interi
in the diplomatic community. roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> also caught on camera a brazen heist in northern virginia. two masked men rush into a wendy's restaurant on old bridge road. one stays up front to act as a look out. the other goes to the back, hits a manager over the head. opens the safe and takes off with cash. prince women county police say it is one of several bold robberies they're investigating. investigators do not think they are connected. >>> also in virginia a homeless man fighting for his life half being burned while sleeping. claims he was set on fire. someone found the victim on william street in fredericksburg and called 911 for help. the man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening burns. so far no arrests. >>> arizona's immigration bill led to a weekend of protests stretching cross country. now it's vandalism. someone used refried beans to draw swastikas over the state capital. the justice department is looking into the legality of the law. as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports, latinos are worried other states may follow. >> reporter: 88.7 fm, latino listers are making ar
of hours. front is still sitting back over western portions of west virginia. so we we have a good distance to let that get through overnight tonight. and temperatures will fall. so definitely we have more activity on the way. in fact, looking at the lightning. mainly over virginia where it is strong, as far as even tornado activity down there. and north of us. but lightning for us has been quiet. looking and talking about the warm air pushing out. big changes on the way. coming in from the northwest. and continue to see temperatures drop as we go through the overnight. i will have a look at the temperatures and your weekend outlook coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to >> more concerns over baltimore city's practice of rotating fire company closures. the issue, back on the table tonight. after three people, including a firefighter are seriously hurt in a fire. keith daniels is live at shock
at the coal mine explosion site in west virginia. early this morning, rescue crews were finally able to get into that mine and another buildup of toxic gas forced them to evacuate. tom has more from montcoal, west virginia. >> reporter: as a thought, they were going to start making progression today and get answers into the fate of the four missing miners. and begin the recovery of the 49 others who were known to have died in the mine and yet all came to a crashing halt. the methane gas problem that plagued this search and recovery effort from day 1 reed its head. it was able to enter the mine and at 5:30 this morning, only four hours into that and after a four-mile journey deep into the mountains here of west virginia, the methane gas levels, which were believed to have been the cause of the explosion on monday which led to all of this disaster, again, went off the charts and to the point where it was risking another explosion, possibly the lives of the 32 researchers if they remained in the mine shaft. they were pulled out immediately and, again,
good night, america. we'll see you later. . >>> a race against the clock in west virginia. four miners missing in a deadly explosion that killed 25 others. tonight the race is on to find out if they're dead or alive. >>> thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. the frantic search to locate those missing miners is happening as we speak. drilling started about four hours ago. they have to get 1200 feet down to reach the blast site. meanwhile we're learning more about problems with the mine flagged months ago. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live tonight in montcoal, west virginia monitoring the latest. >> reporter: this drilling operation started a few hours ago. it will go into tomorrow. the goal is to vent the methane gas that built up in the mine shaft which is believed to have caused the explosion yesterday. but even as that operation goes on, we are learning new details about this mine itself. the coal production of the big branch mine nearly tripled last year but so, too, was there a big jump in the safety violations here. nearly 50 just last month a
been happening overnight in virginia. 66 running smoothly as you travel in from centreville to the beltway. southbound 270 out of high hood as you leave mva coming into rockville, all the lanes are open. no problems reported on 95 and 295 out of laurel. still a quiet trip through northeast washington. if you are traveling northbound on 395, easy commute leaving the beltway as you guys continue northbound up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >>> the flames and smoke pouring from the roof of a home in prince george's county. this was along rambler drive in adelphi. not clear yet what sparked the fire. we are told one person was burned and taken to the hospital. two adults and four children would live in the home are all going to need to find a new place to stay for now. >>> following a still developing story, germany has reopened its air space this morning. worldwide flights to europe were grounded for six days because of ash from a volcano in iceland that posed the danger. sarah simmons joins us from the airport where some travelers are g
are with the west virginia community. may they rest in piece peace and may their families find comfort in the hard days ahead. >> reporter: seven hoping for miracles and hoping that trapped miners can beat the odds and are found alive. in west virginia, craig bosswell, fox news. >> the grieving families are upset that massy coal didn't notify them their loved ones were killed. instead, they heard from the government officials. one woman is hurt the company didn't call the family, even though the father worked for them for 17 years. he was set to retire in five weeks and now his family is trying to locate his remains. >> we looked for the up to and have yet to hear one. we're just continuing to pray and be strong for each other. we're tough people, we'll get through it. >> among the dead, three members of the same family, a man and two of his nephews were killed in the blast. >>> and go to for continuing coverage of the deadly mine explosion o. the website, you will find the latest on the rescue and recovery and presidents, the preside
area. find out how much it's costing virginia to get them here. >>> the sign says we buy cars. but do they? i'm beth parker. i'll tell you why some people are upset with this company. >>> this quick thinking 8-year-old is credited with saving his grandmother's life. what he did when she had a medical emergency behind the wheel. l.avrnndeais >>> d.c. wanted it and so did maryland but virginia got it. grummond is moving to the commonwealth. the news force on virginia. >> reporter: north republic grummond has a presence in virginia and thousands of workers in the shipyard at newport news. virginia officials put incentives on the table but so did government leaders in maryland and d.c. the ceo of the 34 billion dollars a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economics also played a big role. the economics were both the incentives put forward by the state and by the counties, as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonald estimated in
around through silver spring. no problems coming in out of virginia. don't forget about the summit taking place around verizon. a good portion of massachusetts avenue will be tied up between 9th and 1th streets and there will be additional closures because of parking. if you can, work from home, metro into work but beprepared for lengthy delays downtown today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, julie touched it. you can expect a lot of traffic problems in d.c. for the next couple of days as world leaders are in town for a nuclear summit and security will be extra tight. >>> sarah simmons joins us live this morning. she is in northwest washington near the convention center with all the details. >> good morning. >> reporter: district transportation officials have been planning for this for days. as you can see behind me, there are already those fences that are up, barricades that are up and you will note is a military presence already in lace here around the convention center. -- in place here around the convention
investigators will arrive at a west virginia mine. dangerous gas levels fowrsed recovery crews out over the weekend. they will have to drill another hole to vent the mine before more bodies can be recovered. there will be a moment of vile eans cross west virginia at 3:30 this afternoon. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is also calling for everybody in virginia to take part. >>> the search is on to find a man police say killed his own daughter and her mother in alexander ri. woman and three-year-old girl both found dead inside their alexandria apartment on sundayen police say there was some sort of ongoing custody dispute between the mother and the suspect. investigators say he was last seen driving a 1999 silver acura. >>> teachersal viz in the washington area jumped by more than 40% over last decade. teachers in montgomery county top out with the region's highest salaries, more than $103,000 for the longest serving teachers. other jurisdictions in virginia saw modest increases. >>> coming up next a mother's controversial cigs scition to return her adopted son to russia sparking intern
daughter, agony facing families of the victims of the explosion in west virginia. >> and the race for governor, what people are saying about the rematch, between ehrlich and o'malley. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd has the night off. we begin with breaking news out of northwest baltimore. two residents and 1 firefighter are hurt. in a two alarm apartment fire. it started after 9:00 tonight at win manner apartments in 3900 block of liberty heights avenue. officials say two residents suffered smoke inhalation, one of them an elderly woman that suffered serious burns. >> we also treated one firefighter, who fell from a second floor window. while battling the fire. he suffered burns to his hands and some other musculoskeletal injuries. >> two residents taken to bayview burn center. firefighter taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. no word on the cause of the fire. >> there is also breaking news out of washington d.c. tonight. fbi is investigating whether a man, tr
to accelerate the economic recovery. >> virginia is celebrating the news that defense contractor northrup grummon makes its new headquarters in the common wealth. company chose virginia over maryland and said location and economics were the deciding factors. virginia gave northrup more than $12 million in incentives. but the governor said he hopes to quickly get the money back. >> when you have 300 jobs that average in the neighborhood of about $200,000. we think it will bring 30 plus million dollars of tax revenues to the state. >> we would liked to have been able to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrup has 11,000 people currently employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> republican bob ehrlich is criticizing o'malley's tax policies as unfriendly to business. and as a possible reason northrup chose them over maryland in relocating. >> the position of mayor in the city of annapolis comes with less power. the annapolis city council passed a bill giving it more control over the day-to-day operations of the city. the measur
. >>> a somber anniversary today of the mass shootings at virginia tech. [ bell tolls ] >> a bell tolled 32 times in richmond today, one for each of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. governor bob mcdonnell led the ceremony reading the names of each victim and a crowd observed a moment of silence. the governor also declaring the commonwealth will hold a virginia tech remembrance day every april 16. >>> five men from virginia are about to stand trial in pakistan. tonight acquisitions of torture if it is case. details for you -- torture in the case. details for you next. >>> still some showers out there tonight. >> that's right. if you haven't had in i rain tonight, there's -- had any rain tonight, there's still a chance you might get some. there's a line coming across. >>> a quick check of some of our other stories in our rundown.  >>> we're following breaking news of a police car crash in fairfax county. it happened just about an hour ago. this video just into our newsroom. we know a police officer was involved in the accident at the intersection of -- [ ind
. to our south some of these storms have been rotating. that's in southern virginia where we've seen some tornado watches and warnings n. line is so solid, it's literally up and down the east coast. winds are getting a little bit better. these storms even go all the way down to a -- to augusta. reagan national report add wind gust just shy of 06 miles an hour. -- 60 miles an hour. annapolis 46. andrews 54 and falls church, virginia had a wind gust to 60. hope you can find your garbage can in the morning. we still have some significant gusts out there between 25 and 30 and the rain is pretty significant. i think it will taper off after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. great news about the weekend forecast and of course this is all the beginning of a big temperature change. i'll have those details for you coming up good see you in a few minutes. >>> we're following new developments in west virginia. officials say dangerous gases trapped in the upper big branch mine are clearing. >> rescue crews could resume their search for the four missing miners sometime tonight. tom fitzgerald live in montco
's five-day forecast. >>> new tonight, police released video of a b heist in northern virginia. a fast-food restaurant with customers inside. prisons william county police say they're not the only brazen bandits on the run. wisdom martin has the latest. >> reporter: we're talking about three different crimes and groups of suspects but what makes this so stunning is the fact that they're so aggressive and bold when they're committing these crimes. tonight police are releasing surveillance video of the suspect in action in hopes of getting them off the streets. this is just released surveillance video captured at wendy's on old bridge rode a few months ago around 9:00 just after customers placed their orders, police say two masked men rushed in. >> two suspects came in. one is going to stay at the front counter. and then the other is going to jump over. and take the manager with him to the back room. >> reporter: he struck the manager in the head and forced him to the ground. eventually he forced that same manager to open the safe. took the money, and ran away. >> there is always a poten
, virginia. no arrests have been made. >>> tomorrow students at one d.c. school will head back to class for the first time since their principal was murdered. brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home. he was a popular principal at d.c.'s shaw middle school. grieving students will head back to class this week. they found his suv on 4th street in southeast. witnesses say they saw four young men running from that vehicle but so far police have not made any arrests or named any suspects. >>> we're following another big story tonight. soot and ash are still spewing miles into the air from the volcano in iceland. it's forced airports from ireland to ukraine to close. 20,000 more flights were canceled today stranding millions of travelers all over the world. here in our area at dulles international airport, hundreds of passengers are frustrated. as fox 5's karen gray houston tells us, they just want to get home. >> reporter: some of these passengers stranded at the marriott this is as close to a plane they're going to get for now and possibly the next few days. it was a mi
with virginia plates. those plates, xks 1522. virginia plates. here's another look at the picture. if you see him please give alexandria police a call. neighbors say there was an ongoing custody dispute over that little girl. police say the two parents did have a relationship in the past. at this hour, though, the manhunt continues. we're live in the news room, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you for that. >>> a crime alert on the campus of george washington university. police say two suspects pulled out knives and chased somebody earlier this morning. they stabbed someone in the upper arm and then ran off. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. >>> fire at a d.c. school and the smoke could be seen for miles. it bill owed from the roof of eastern high school on east capital street this afternoon. fire officials say it started around 4:30. the school is under doing renovations. some crews were working today. they all did get out safely. the fire began in the roof. no word on a cause. >>> another big story. the world's power players converging on d.c. that could mean major tra
. >> the plan is to make america less dependent on foreign oil. president says virginia will be the first atlantic seaboard statelingible to resume drilling for oil and natural gas. the virginia governor says that decision is a positive step in energy exploration. >> a year ago, when i was just a candidate for govenor, i talked about a vision of having virginia be the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development. >> environmental groups are opposed to mri oil platforms off of the coast. >> coming up next, supporters say it is a simple safety move. opponents say it is meant to force immigrants off the road. >> talking about what big change that could be coming to the weight one state gives its driver's license tests. >>> five d.c. men arrested for plotting a terror attack. they take another step toward learning their fate. ñ'ñ'ññoç÷]]óéñ÷÷ññóÑ,ñnn ?y;p;p/0ñññ÷÷qqaaaek]]suwwqukkksggokjÑ=;vjÑ3ñçogñgñgÑÑç??oóco!%%áh÷pñpñhñx÷x÷xñx÷0ñ ñ ñ'ñ ?p?p?p?p?p?p?p/p/p?p/p/pó
governor, virginia governor and d.c. mayor adrian fenty will all meet in alexandria. the thee plan to discuss what came out of that meeting later this morning. >>> president obama speaking before a crowd in california. got a little rowdy there. the president stumping for fellow democrats to raise money for upcoming mid-term elections. he is standing beside senator barbara boxer. hecklers interrupted the president several times during his speech some calling on him to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. >> i'm sorry. do you want to come up here? all right. because can i just say once again barbara and i are supportive of repealing don't ask, don't tell so i don't know why you are hollering. >> president obama's events are expected to raise as much as three and a half million dollars for senator boxer and the democratic national committee. >>> coming up next the president and vice president are heading to west virginia this weekend to help remember the 29 workers killed in the worst mining disaster this country has scene in decades. >>> another round of recalls for to
disaster. rescue personnel and equipment arriving at the mine near month coal, west virginia. >> you can't explain the feeling you get in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> reporter: more than a dozen coal miners are said to be trapped underground. massey energy company owns the performanceoal company about 30 miles south of charleston. >> we really just came to pray because we don't have immediate family in the mines but we know so many people that work here. our pastor works at this mine from our church. he wasn't in the mine. he's here. and we're just praying. all we can do as a community is come together and pray. >> reporter: we believe this is the mine in a satellite i image from google earth. upper big branch produced 1.2 million tons of coal last year. it has about 200 employee, most of whom work underground. state safety officials say the mine has emergency oxygen supply, escape routes and air tight chambers designed to provide enough air to keep miners alive for four days if they can't make their way out after an accident like this one. west virginia requires all u
and central virginia. it is widespread. there is dense fog literally everywhere here for your morning commute t will mix as soon as the sun gets up and it should be a mostly sunny day. it will be nice this affect. right now, upper 40s and low others. 48 in baltimore. 48 in frederick. so temperatures are fairly comfortable to start the day. early fog, plenty of afternoon sun. enjoy the afternoon temperature, 72. we have the dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. i'll show you the map where the dense fog advisory is located in just a moment. >> thank you. >>> a d.c. school principal found murdered in his silver spring home one week ago will be laid to rest today. there is a funeral for bryan betts in his home town of manassas. his vehicle had been abandoned in southeast washington. >>> right now, 11 workers are still missing following an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. more than 100 workers were on board tuesday night when the blast happened about 50 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico. seventeen people were hurt, four of them critically. >>> just about on track. a
been a border battle between virginia and west virginia. it's been settled now. but the problem came about after a subdivision was built and a school and fire department questioned the dividing line. this is at the crest of a mountain. and after a land survey, west virginia gained a few feet. >>> could legalizing marijuana be on just for medical use boost the economy? we'll take a look ahead. >>> and you've heard about the s.e.c. employees spending quite a bit of time looking at pornography on the job while wall street suffered. but what is it that drives people to try this risky behavior at the workplace. lisa van sustern comes up after the break. >>> and after the break we'll get the latest weather from tony and the traffic from charlie. 7:27, 54 degrees out there. e >>> some encouraging news about brett michaels. the rocker now awake. the poison front man complained of what he said was an excruciating headache thursday night. well it turns out he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. he's been in critical condition. doctors are still trying to find out the source of the bleeding. h
mine explosion in west virginia, a special moment of silence is whonoring those who lost her lives. >>> and we're learning more about the plane crash that took the live of the polish president. id why did pilots not heed the warning. and taking a look outside. id near glebe road on 395. it is 39monday morning. in glebe road exit in the south arlington area. it aris monday morning april 12th, 2010. glad you're along with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. good monday to you. and tucker barnes vejoins us in for tony to tell us about this monday morning and beyond. tuck, good morning. >>> good nimorning. rn a couple of changes today. to a couple of clouds out there. we have a cold erfront moving mo through and that will hold temperatures back but no rain in the forecast. as we should be dry throughout the monday. i'll show you the ndsatellite a again you'll see the cloud ou cover that is across the he washington area and the thickest cloud cover is south and east of us. this is a weak cold front pushing to the south and east i i think it will -- i think it will be out of
sunshine expected across the area from ocean city to the mountains of maryland and west virginia. it should be a nice looking afternoon with bright skies, brilliant blue out there and warm temperatures expected to top out as mentioned in the upper 70s and low 80s. 78 in washington, 79 in waldorf. cooler by the bay. a bay breeze. to temperatures in places like annapolis closer to mid-70s. still not bad this time of year. and i'll have the details of the weekend and the five-day forecast coming up. >>> and our top story this morning, you're looking at a photo of one of the victims of the deadly drive-by shooting in washington. a crowd was sprayed with bullets leaving four people dead and five injured. >> and now the community wants answers. it's looking to the city leaders to provide those answers. sarah simmons i joining us live this morning in southeast with more details. sarah good morning. >> reporter: family members are asking why this had to happen, especially when they hear the police tried to get one of the gunman off the street in connection with another shooting and also connected t
. >>> a new investigation into the coal mine explosion in west virginia. >>> another gut punch tonight for toyota. its upscale lexus suv got hit with a safety writing so bad consumers are being told not to buy it. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a don't buy rating. the group saves the vehicle's electronic traction control doesn't react fast enough and cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years the group has issued such a warning. >> when the vehicle the gx 460 is push to its limits the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this is to happen in a real world situation it could lead to a roll over. >> lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests but did not find that problem. it also says the lexus gx 460 meets or exceeds all the federal government's testing. >>> how safe is the beef you eat in despite inspections and recalls when there is something wrong there might be things in your food you don't know about. penicillin, copper, arsenic. it's dangerous. melanie alnwick has a consumer a
in virginia, today is the last day to register if you would like to be eligible. >>> another story making headlines, a fishing trip turns tragic in virginia. >> a 5-year-old boy goes overboard. >>> the latest as crews continue to search for him. you are watching fox 5 morning news on this tuesday morning. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. you. >>> mourners at west virginia's cap poll paused to remember the victims of last week's mine explosion. the trustees of a retirement fund which holds stock in massey energy has called for the ceo to resign. he says the company didn't manage the risks at the mine properly. massey has repeatedly been cited for problems with vent ligs. federal investigators are now trying to piece together what caused explosion ma killed 29 workers. >>> crews are work to recover all of bodies. they had to pull back yesterday as conditions became more dangerous. the virginia governor has restored $750 million for the state's budget for mine safety t had previously been cut
crews in west virginia gearing up to search for four miners missing in a deadly explosion. and the search could get under way at any minute now. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. the situation in west virginia is now changing by the moment. officials announcing just in the last hour that the deadly gases trapped inside the mines since monday are finally being vented. rescue crews could start their search for those four missing miners tonight. tom fitzgerald is live in montcoal, west virginia tonight. >> reporter: this is welcome news for the families waiting for two days now for rescue teams to enter that mine and look for these four missing miners. it came just hours after officials had already announced that the methane levels inside that mine were so dangerous that the mine was at risk of another explosion. but tonight with two holes bored into the earth venting that gas out and those levels coming down, there is hope tonight, overnight, that those crews can get in. at the same time there are
around. at the wilson bridge, traffic slowing out of virginia into 295 in the local lanes, the problem is the crash northbound at the suitland parkway. right side is still blocks and this is the jam and delays from maryland out of 295 and all of the traffic north into southeast washington. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> making headline this is morning, bridges and roads around the country in disrepair and the problem is going to get worse and it's going to get more dangerous. this is the finding of a new report just out for the u.s. public interest research group and joining us with more on the bridge and road conditions here, john creeker with the public interest group. thanks for joining us this morning, john. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the problem in general. research that went into this found what when it comes to the condition of our roads and bridges? >> the purpose of this report was that take a look comprehensively about the nation's bridges and roads around the country and to find the reason based on the political pressures that lead to the roads
in west virginia. the safety record of the coal mine is being called into question. it has been repeatedly cited for improperly venting methane gas. >>> is it a done deal in almost d.c. schools and the teachers union reached a tentative contract agreement. it still has to be ratied and approved by the d.c. council. it ends nearly three years of negotiations. it calls for a 20% pay raise ore five years and expanded development opportunities for teachers. >>> what a difference a couple of months kes. it wasn't that long ago we were trying to dig out from the record snowfall. now, we have record heat. karen gray houston shows us how d.c. is enjoying this heat wave. >> reporter: the mercury shot up to 90 in some areas, so hot people needed water to cool down. the farmer's almanac long-range forecast predicts april and may will be warmer and drier than normal with water reservoirs running low but perfect for sunning herself. this woman thought it was a perfect day for shooting hookey from her job there is probably a harder news story we could be working on today but we consulted with folks outs
drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. >> so how could this affect the chesapeake bay? karen parks is standing by the along the water to explain. >> many environmentalists are not happy about the plan at stake. among other things, maryland blue crab. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better? how could we do things smarter? >> president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make america less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore, on the atlantic ocean, is as much of a part of the chesapeake bay as what we see behind me. >> chesapeake bay watershed runs 8000 square miles. from upstate new york, down the susquehanna river out to western virginia. the mouth of the bay, is near norfolk and virginia beach. will baker of the foundation said there is a lot at stake. >> 90 percent of the bay's female blue crab spawn at the mouth of the bay. the larvae float out to the ocean in the top centimeter of the water column
wright to see how the roads are looking. >> good morning to you both. we are busy in virginia on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. we do have two right lanes tied up right now because of the accident activity and this is in the direction coming from the springfield interchange headed north up towards 66. already, some slow going here on that inner loop as you travel up the west side of 495. outer loop of the beltway, not so bad leaving college park headed around towards 270-6789 southbound # 70 already starting to slow here as you work your way out toward the truck scale south of 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- southbound 270 already starting to slow here. >> thank you. >>> remembering civil right pioneer dr. dorothy height. a memorial service will be held this evening. dr.height's body has been lying in repose at the national council of negro women. dr.height was known as the godmother of the civil rights movement. mourners lined up for hours yesterday at a viewing to pay their final respects. fox 5 will have complete coverage has the natio
wants to reverse a ban on offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be included. speaking at andrews air force base, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy signed to reduce our imports of foreign oil. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the drilling decision. >> reporter: at andrews air force base in prince george's county, maryland, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> so today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gags exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have be off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone can't come close to meeting our long-term energy needs. and if the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it is a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> part of that vision is coming true today. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell, whose state boasts 112
virginia a big business shots. maryland and d.c. had been in the running for a new he had quarters. >>> the president has a busy schedule today. he's focusing on the economy. this morning the president meets with the bipartisan commission charged with finding ways to stop the ballooning national dead. when he travels to the midwest, the first stop on the tour is a town hall meeting in iowa, taking place tonight. >>> a judge in north carolina said jozef mcveigh can post bond. his friends said he is not a danger. it is just a ham -- he is just a ram radio and police buff. police were suspicious in the airport in asheville. mcveigh could be released as soon as today. >>> the man who shot ronald reagan may be released soon. hingely shot reagan in 1981, he said, to get the attention of actress jody foster. he's spent the last 29 years of saint elizabeths. he's allowed visits to his mother's home and no word on how soon he could be released. >>> >>> the district is remembering dr. dorothy height. there will be a public viewing today and we now have new information regarding the funeral s
meeting tonight. >>> there is an expected economic boost for virginia defense contractor north roll grumman moving its court headquarters to the commonwealth. they currently employ 300 people at its corporate headquarters in los angeles. >>> as we look at some other top sisterries this morning, dose police arrested another suspect in last month's drive- by shooting that left four people dead. jeffrey best is the fifth person arrested. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says this will be the last arrest. all five people face murder charges. a 14-year-old who was originally accused of being the getaway driver has been cleared of any connection with the case. >>> investigators now know how an escaped prisoner got out of his handcuffs actually union official said terrence moore heard about the key from other inmates who knew it was hidden behind a pay phone. it took 11 hours to recapture moore. >>> metro workers will join a national row test on the hill today. thousands of transit workers from around the world will push lawmaker to allocate more money for america's mass transit systems. the
for appliances starts today in maryland and coming soon to virginia and then the district. we'll take a closer look at how this all works coming up this morning. >> we'll find out more in a minute. >>> right now let's find out about the forecast for today and the fog out there. >> good morning to both of you. the fog is the lead story this morning as far as the weather goes. it is very dense in some areas. you can barely see in front of you and because of that we have a dense fog advisory in place. some of my coworkers this morning describing it as the worst fog they've seen in quite sometime. so all of the areas under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 and visibility down to a quarter mile in much of the region and less. i mentioned on my drive to work, and that was extremely early, i could only see about 30 feet in front of me at some locations. so it's pretty thick out there. here is a look at the current teams at the airport. 52 at reagan national. 49 at dulles. 47 at bwi marshall. a look at sat-rad will show you we have improving conditions. after we get this fog out of the way, we'll have a
, virginia, 49 degrees. baltimore is at 51. hagerstown, 48. and in culpeper it is 43 degrees at this hour. here is what we're looking at for today. partly sunny skies, temperature right around normal. our average high for today 69 degrees. we're looking for a high of about 70 degrees today so not bad. i'll give you details about the weekend and when we expect to see rain showers and thunderstorms coming up in just a little bit. right now let's get a check on traffic with lauren demarco. i'll do the weather and you can do the traffic. >>> things looking good in montgomery county. earlier there were delays out of frederick, things looking better there but we still do have delays with volume past germantown. we have this heavy volume through silver spring on the outer loop. we had reports of an accident on new hampshire avenue. nothing checked out there. your travel lanes should be open, just volume delays leaving college park through silver spring. also watch for an accident southbound georgia avenue leaving the beltway and delays southbound connecticut as well as you leave the beltway. and
and we should see -- you can see toward west virginia, plenty of clear skies. we should be in for a mostly sunny day and warm. temperatures will jump into the 70s and top out in the low 80s. well off to the north and west, the cold front that gets in here tonight, that will give us a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and then cooler and drier for the weekend. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. but for today, becoming mostly sunny and warm. breezy as well with high temperatures about 82 degrees. get out and enjoy that one. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to julie wright with the latest on-time traffic this morning. good morning. >>> good morning to you tucker barnes. we have a serious incident up in baltimore, south of town, we have received word that there is a tanker truck partially hanging over a bridge on pennington avenue. which used to be approach to the key bridge, we're told there is a tanker truck hanging over an embankment, sky fox is en route. on the south side of baltimore. not a heavily traveled road b
george's county police headquarters, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >>> the news edge on virginia now. a push is on to close a so- called gun show loophole. democratic congressman jim moran, bobby scott and gerald connolly sent a letter to their colleagues today asking them to support a bill requiring private sellers to do background checks on buyers at gun shows. the bill was introduced in congress last may but is yet to be heard in committee. >>> a volcanic eruption in iceland is impacting air travel worldwide. maureen umeh is everywhere the a 1 -- everywhere at 11:00. >> huge plumes of ash spewing from the cool cano in ice -- from the volcano in iceland. flights everywhere grounded. it's the biggest flight disruption since the 9/11 attacks. it could take days before the air is clear enough to fly. >>> president obama wants to allow hospital patients to decide who gets to visit them t. could also help them choose who gets to make medical decisions on their behalf. it's a step to allowing same- sex partners to determine their partner's medical care. they're asking the human health se
of virginia and competition for the new headquarters of the major defense contractor north grummon. it plans to relocate headquarters from los angeles to northern virginia. governor o'malley said it is a vic free the entire greater washington area. but former governor ehrlich running against o'malley this year said it shows o'malley knows little about attracting business to the state. >> meantime governor o'malley kicks off the reelection campaign tomorrow with a three day, moving maryland forward tour. first stop is fell's point in baltimore. then make stops in 10 others places. columbia, aberdine, catonsville and aberdine. >> man that made a living investigating politicians. talked to us about retirement. prosecutor robert rohrbaugh spent time reflecting on shiela dixon trial. despite the criticism he faced, he believes it was a strong case. and he also had this to say on what he thinks led to sheila dixon's downfall. >> pure agreed. you look at it from congress, to local politics, and it is agreed. to this date, ms. dixon has never explained to the public what that cash was doing in her b
read in the papers is that virginia, arlington county are proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. now only if we could get d.c. and maryland on board, a lot of the problems would be solved. >> if you would like more information on the hearings go to and click on web links. >>> there are budget troubles for maryland which could mean more unpaid days off for state workers. later today lawmakers will begin debate. it calls to skip cost of living increases, merit pay and they are not asked to shift teacher pension costs in the coming years. >>> two d.c. councilman are entering the run to fill the position of chairman. the announcements come one day after chairman vincent gray announced he will run for mayor and must give up the seat. >>> coming up, we'll talk with adrian fenty about the announcement. >>> and a look behind 3-d television and how it will bring the feeling to your home. >>> and cherry blossoms at the peak right now. clearwaters, great reflection this morning. sticaround for tuckers forecast coming up. ♪ >>> 11 minute
to move its headquarters to virginia and not maryland. bob ehrlich says the state didn't do enough to entice the prestigious fortune 500 company. governor o'malley denies the claim saying that they were offered $32 million in incentives. but ehrlich says it's not enough. more incentives are necessary to reverse the perception that maryland is not business friendly. >> it appears that we were not taken seriously. we were used for leverage and maybe that got northrop grumman a better deal in virginia. >> the good thing is they have people on who are employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> maryland put a competitive offer but ultimately economic and available real estate was the deciding factor. >>> the debate over bringing table games to maryland is a legitimate issue, however he says the state still needs to work kinks in the slot gamble machines program. voters approved bringing as many as 15,000 slot machines to five locations in the state three years ago. it was part of the referendum that the govern or governor o'my supported. none of the locatio
there twice a year. >>> judgment day for the man who decapitated a virginia tech student. his fate and what he had to say in court today. >>> plus, a close call for a young boy. a laptop computer fell out of the sky and nearly hit him. wait until you hear how that happened. >> that's the craziest thing i heard fall out of the sky in a while. >>> we're watching temperatures closely. i'll let you know when to expect and we have some showers on the way. >>> first, quick check of our rundown. a few of the stories we're working on the news edge. we're back in one minute. hang tight. as if it wasn't enough to make it with a full third pound... of 100% angus beef, they had the audacity to use a bakery-style bun... and crinkle cut the pickles. there's no denying it, that's a third strip of bacon. have they no shame! angus axiom #39: it's an embarrassment of riches. the astonishing angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba grz. >>> i would like to offer my most sincere apology and remorse to the victim's family and loved ones. >> an apology in court. he killed a woman he met t
to virginia and not maryland is sparking debate between the candidates for governor. assist john rydell reports, the two candidates disagree over whether the state did enough to close the deal. >>as he tours an auto restyling plant in columbia bob ehrlich raises questions about the deal that got away. reacting to news that northrop plans to move from los angeles to virginia. maryland had hoped to land the 300 executive jobs. and the prestige of a fortune 500 company but ehrlich claims o'malley did not do enough to entice them. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. used as potential leverage, maybe that leverage got northrup a better deal from virginia. >> state officials deny it. they say maryland and montgomery county offered the company a total of $22 million in incentives and company's ceo explains why he chose virginia. >> proximity and available real estate played a big role in it. but the economics also played a big role. >> we would liked to have been to be able attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrop grom man has 11,000 people currently
for the future of the court. >>> we begin with developing news from west virginia. crews are making another attempt to rescue four missing miners trapped in the upper big branch mine. the governor says if those miners are not found by midnight, this rescue mission will become a recovery operation. thanks for joining us this even. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. fox 5's bob barnard following the developing story down in the newsroom. >> reporter: we should know in about two hours how this week- long story ends. will the four missing coal miners be found alive or will their bodies have to be recovered with 18 others still buried in the mine. rescue teams are going back into upper big branch one last time to see if four missing miners made it into one of the mine's deep refuge chambers. >> we believe without any unforeseen problems that we would not know of, that we'll be able to know if we have that sliver of hope, if we have that miracle and to be able to bring a finality to this and a closure tonight. >> reporter: the first miner funeral was held today for 61- year-old benny willingh
. >>> today the president and vice president attended a memorial service honoring victims of the west virginia mine disaster. 29 workers were killed earlier this month in a coal mine explosion. fox 5's jennifer davis joins us with more on the service. >> reporter: before today's memorial service the president and vice president met privately and individually with the families of the 29 men killed in the mine explosion. the president publicly promised to do whatever he can to make sure no other miners die pursuing the american dream. >> kim i davis, carl pea hiu acorn. james eddie mooney. >> reporter: one after another, the names of 29 husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, grand fathers and nephews were read aloud. and as their families placed a miner's helmet on a simple white cross they received presidential condolences for the loss of their ones in the he explosion. >> these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. ♪ >> reporter: the vice president says those who died were braving dangerous underground conditions to put food on their tables and power their country. >> the
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